DeepChanger: a tool for manipulating Behringer's Deepmind 6/12/12D sysex files

Behringer’s DeepMind is truly a work-of-art in the synthesizer’s world: it’s reliable, has got a well crafted keyboard and the user interface is very straightforward.
Not to mention all the software you can dowload for Apple devices or computers in general, which allow a better comprehensions (and editing) of all the sounds.
But it has one significant flaw: you cannot change the destination of the SysEx files.

Let's explain better: if you download a wonderful patch made by one of those incredible synth maniacs outside there on the Internet, you'll be forced to install it on the bank and number (the position) which the author decided. If a moving pad has been crafted on position A-1, just to make an example, you'll have to overwrite the A-1 position on your synth but it's a pity you'll have to remove that wonderful lead patch (e.g.) you have right there, isn't it?
DeepChanger was born to fix this problem and many others. As I’m writing this little document, the tool is able to:

  • change the original destination of a program
  • change the original destination of an entire bank
  • take out a single program from a specified bank
  • split an entire bank into single programs
  • create a list of the programs written inside a bank

The program is available for MacOS, Windows and Linux operative system, both in 32bit and 64bit versions: it doesn’t need an installer so it’s a portable application.
It’s free and it will always be but a donation is truly well acceptedwink

Actual version: 1.7.6


Windows 32bit version Download here
Windows 64bit version Download here
macOS 32bit version Download here
macOS 64bit version Download here
Linux 32bit version Download here
Linux 64bit version Download here